Included Countries

Our data includes data for 130 countries grouped into 6 geographical regions based on the World Health Organization (WHO) classification. The parameters could also be grouped using WHO´s epidemiological subregions.
WHO definitions of regions are available here.

A list of countries by region is available at “Country List.xlsx” To access the list in English, go to tab named “Lang”. Cell C2 should say “eng”

  • African Region (AFRO)
  • Americas Region (AMRO)
  • South-East Asia Region (SEARO)
  • European Region (EURO)
  • Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)
  • Western Pacific Region (WPRO)

WHO definition of regions

WHO regions: WHO Member States are grouped into 6 geographical regions: AFRO (Africa), AMRO (Americas), EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean), EURO (Europe), SEARO (South-East Asia) and WPRO (Western Pacific).

WHO Regions

WHO Regions

WHO subregions

The 6 WHO regions are further divided based on patterns of child and adult mortality in groups ranging from A (lowest) to E (highest) as follows:

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Quality Data

The systematic reviews provide an up-to-date, thorough, yet abridged view of the evidence for selected vaccines and immunization schedules.

Management Team

A three-person management team from WHO, the University of Bern and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has been established to ensure that the aims and objectives of the project are met.